Due to Corona Pandemic: Greenfield Festival will not take place this year

29.04.20 16:30

Greenfield Festival will not take place this year

Although we put a lot of sweat and heart and soul into the preparation, and although we cannot imagine a summer without loud music in the Bernese Alps, we have to say goodbye to the Greenfield Festival with a heavy heart this year. In these difficult times, the health of our fans and their loved ones is our top priority.

Due to the situation around Covid-19 and the decision of the Swiss Federal Council of 29.04.2020, the Greenfield Festival 2020 will not take place.

Our booking team is anxious to get the musicians of this year's line-up to perform again next year.

Next week we will communicate detailed information about the whole ticket handling process.

We wish you and your loved ones lots of strength and health (and your neighbors strong nerves with your speakers bumping all the loud, hard music at home), and we'll see you all at the Greenfield Festival 2021 from June 3rd to 5th 2021 in Interlaken on the airfield.