Greenfield Festival 2021 postponed

10.03.21 11:00

The Greenfield Festival 2021 will be postponed to 2022

Just when we saw a light at the end of the tunnel, it moves even further away than it already was. The situation around Covid-19 is simply not getting better fast enough internationally and in Switzerland in particular. Since we don't know whether major events will be allowed at all, we simply lack planning certainty. We don't know which rules might have to be followed, which capacity is allowed and which measures we would have to integrate. For this reason, we will postpone our festival from June 3-5, 2021 to June 9-11, 2022.
Yes, we too are up for finally having a festival again, so this decision is all the more difficult for us. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to loud music, burgers and beer, party without end and the coolest fans in the world. Shortly we will also announce a lot of bands that we can sign up from 2021 for 2022!
The tickets from Greenfield Festival 2021 will remain valid for 2022. So you don't need to exchange your tickets. If you have any questions, you can find a FAQ in our guide for viewing and downloading.