Here are the winners!

05.03.18 12:00

The Winners have been chosen!

Defender made it, they get to play at Greenfield Festival 2018 as band contest winner at Dynamo Zurich! The quintet from Baden was formed in 2014 and plays a mixture of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore. Defender are known for their explosive live shows in which they put all their genuine passion, emotions, blood, sweat and tears.

And we have a winner of the band contest in Bleu Lézard, Lausanne; The Trap will be playing at Greenfield Festival 2018! The band from Geneva has been together since 2010, in 2013 they released their first full-length record “The Trap Is Set!”. Already one year later they were playing at Montreux Jazz Festival or as a supporting act for Nashville Pussy. The Trap play bluesy garage rock that surely will catch our attention also with their second album that currently is in the final phase of production, to be released later this year.